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Sand Coin – Thailand’s largest bank opens center in Sandbox Coin price Prediction – Review and Chart 2022

  Sand Coin? The Sand Coin Project and Its Future Coin price Prediction - Review and Chart 2022

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Sand Coin Price Prediction

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As the growth of the cryptocurrency industry is increasing day by day, the metaverse is keeping up with this situation. After the British bank HSBC announced in March that it would buy a land in Sandbox, a branch of Siam Commercial Bank, now the largest bank in Thailand, decided to open a center on the platform.

The first banking institution in Metaverse.

While SCB 10X Co company announced this decision with its official statement, it also became the first global banking company to open a center in the metaverse. The virtual center will be open to visitors from the 4th quarter of this year. The physical headquarters of SCB 10X Co is located in Bangkok, the largest city and capital of Thailand.

It is not clear what features will be

Especially with the sale of augmented reality and virtual reality glasses, it is almost It was noteworthy that no information was given about the benefits of opening a center in the directly connected metaverse to the customers. In the virtual center of SCB 10X, there will be 3 usage areas. In addition to a space where business partners can collaborate on activities and projects, a marketplace and an art gallery where NFT producer local artists are supported will be created.

The king of Thailand is the largest shareholder

Investing in technology and innovation Thailand’s king Maha Vajiralongkorn is the largest shareholder of Bangkok-based Siam Commercial Bank, which established SCB 10X company in 2020 for the purpose. As it will be remembered, the last draft law banning the use of cryptocurrencies in payments was passed in Thailand. The law will come into effect from April. The country is known as one of the important commercial centers of the South Asian region, where crypto currency adoption is highest.

Sand Coin Analysis

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Sand Coin Value

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Sand Coin Price Analysis

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