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Shiba Inu gave the metaverse project details: 100 thousand land Coin price Prediction – Review and Chart 2022

Shiba Inu gave the metaverse project details: 100 thousand land Coin price Prediction - Review and Chart 2022

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Shiba Inu Price Prediction

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Shiba Inu (SHIB), which made a great rally until the end of October with the price movement it started in September and created a huge furor all over the world by rising to $0.000086, gave new details about the metaverse project it announced in January.

< h2>More than 100 thousand lands

According to the information given by the Shiba Inu developer team on the blog site shibaswap; There will be 100 thousand 595 pieces of land open for sale on the metaverse platform. Some areas will be locked as they are designed as common areas and areas such as streets, boulevards and avenues will not be sold. Other areas open to the public can be purchased.

36 thousand lands will be opened in the first place: 4 regions

The following statements were included in the statement, which stated that land purchases do not only mean investment in a closed platform:

SHIB: In the introduction phase of The Metaverse, 36 thousand 431 lands will be unlocked in the first place. The lands opened will be located in 4 regions. The names of these regions are as follows:

Growth region Defense region Technology region Currency region

Sales are with ETH, not SHIB…

An interesting detail was also included in the information given by the developers.

The team cited the reason for this as “paying the costs of the platform using a neutral cryptocurrency.” Stating that the platform expenses will be paid mostly by converting them to stable coins, the team said, “We don’t want to reduce its value when we sell our own token. That’s why we chose a neutral cryptocurrency.”

New website is coming:

The statement made will also launch a new website with official information about Shiba Inu, and the address will be SHIB. It was noted that it will be .io. It was noted that the website, where all projects will be located on this site, will be opened in the coming days.

“This is the last call…”

It was stated that with the opening of the site, users can start to lock their assets here, and after the completion of the lock process, the project will be launched. and a message was given to the users:

“This is the last call before the first phase of the project. After the lockdown is closed, events will be launched with which the community will interact”

There will also be passive income opportunity

In the statement with many details, SHIB: Buying land in The metaverse is not just about investing in a closed platform. It has been stated that there are many advantages in the short, medium and long term.

In the statement, it was written that one of these features is the naming of the lands taken. In other words, users will be able to name the lands they have purchased by making SHIB payment or using the burning mechanism. When usage areas for more platforms are announced in the future, tokens such as LEASH and BONE will also be used. It has even been stated that LEASH owners will be able to buy land in the future.

Lands have values ​​according to their location

On the other hand, not all lands will be of the same value or price. Depending on the location, some lands and areas may be more valuable than others. The developers also kept the names of the land and places located in different locations separate from each other:

4. LEVEL Silver Fur: 17 thousand 30 pieces of land – Price: 0.2 ETH
3rd tier Gold Tail: 7 thousand 356 pieces of land – Price: 0.3 ETH
2nd platinum claw: 5 thousand 714 pieces of land – Price: 0.5 ETH
LEVEL 1 Diamond Teeth: 2 thousand 24 pieces of land – Price: 1 ETH

*Private Locked plots HUBS: 4 thousand 307 plots

Note: Prices represent the lowest value.

Special plots for holders of Shiboshi NFTs!

The owners of the NFT named Shiboshi, which Shiba Inu put up for sale in October, will also be among the advantageous group of the project.

Shiboshi holders will have a chance to participate in the pre-sale of these lands before they become available for general sale.

A similar chance will be given to LEASH token holders. Thanks to the LEASH key feature, holders of this token will also be able to participate in designated land pre-sale events.

After the separate pre-sale events such as LEASH and Shiboshi, public sales will begin at the end of 10 days. Here, no user will have to lock any of their assets to the system.


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