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Belgian diamond company gets on the metaverse train too: First NFT collection is coming

After global giant companies such as Adidas and Nike, much smaller venture companies have also started to jump on the metaverse train. Antwerp HB, a Belgium-based diamond company focused on the technology-driven sourcing, analysis, cutting and polishing of diamonds, announced that it has created a metaverse company called Signum, targeting the next generation consumer audience.

First NFT Collection is Coming

BunsLandxSignum, consisting of 12 works, will be created. Those who buy real diamonds will have the chance to access special BunsLand NFTs that will be released in the future. :

“We see diamonds as works of art created in nature. We shape them with creativity and innovation. With the first collection of BunsLandxSignum NFTs, we are creating a new investment opportunity in the luxury product category”

One of the founders of Next Decade, with whom Signum collaborated, Alexandre Frih said, “People will start to buy more digital products in the future. Investments will shift this way. BunsLand and Signum are also entering this field successfully.”

Blockchain Technology

By using blockchain technology, it will create a bridge between physical and digital diamond ownership and unite the community under one roof.*To be one of the creators and designers who expertly process natural diamonds into physical, pure diamonds

*Invest in assets that will protect their value with NFTs

*Signum will make every diamond in the country of origin Making a positive impact on the lives of millions of Africans through economic and social investments

The company also thanks to its collaboration with NFT community Next Decade. e will soon launch the first diamond-focused NFTs exclusive to its launch. In this sense, a collection called

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