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Barcelona Coin – Giant metaverse, NFT and crypto money move from Barcelona Coin price Prediction – Review and Chart 2022

Giant metaverse, NFT and crypto money move from Barcelona Coin price Prediction - Review and Chart 2022

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Barcelona Coin Price Prediction

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Barcelona announced its project to create its own metaverse and issue its cryptocurrency. The statement was made by the president Joan Laporta, who spoke at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona.

The attractive offers were rejected

As it is known, the club has focused on many cryptocurrencies made for the football team since the summer months. The company rejected the offer. The Catalan club said “No” to the attractive offers up to the jersey and stadium naming rights, and cited the “risky” nature of the cryptocurrency industry as the reason. Barcelona is expected to announce that they have agreed with the music platform Spotfy, starting from the end of the season.

“There are clauses related to NFT and metaverse in football player contracts”

Speaking at the conference, Barcelona President Joan Laporta said, While making important statements about metaverse, NFT and cryptocurrencies, he stated that they have another secret project and said:

“We are creating our own metaverse. In fact, that’s why we made the negative decision about being affiliated with other cryptocurrency companies. We also want to issue our own cryptocurrency. We have to do this ourselves. With what we will produce in the sports industry, the club will breathe financially. We don’t have big companies or shareholders behind us. This pushes us to be innovative, productive, brave and always one step ahead of the sports industry. We will also launch our NFT project. We have more than 300 million fans worldwide. Actually, I can reveal something else, but it’s still hidden. That’s why I won’t explain. The players know what’s going on. Their contracts also contain clauses related to NFT and the metaverse”

What about Socios cooperation?

As it is known, Barcelona currently has a crypto money agreement with Socios. The club has a fan token called BAR. It was also a matter of curiosity whether the new crypto money to be issued by the Catalans would be the same or similar to BAR.

Barcelona was shown as the most valuable club in the world with the figures of 2021.

Barcelona Coin Analysis

Using charts to analyze Barcelona Coin Value is among the most common methods. You can have an idea about Barcelona Coin by following the graphs. Our Barcelona Coin Price Chart work has been prepared to answer the most frequently asked crypto questions.

Barcelona Coin Value

Barcelona Coin news and analysis does not contain investment advice. The drawings on the Barcelona Coin chart are taken from the best known techniques. Making Barcelona Coin value is partly related to where you buy and sell.

Barcelona Coin Price Analysis

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